The Center for Excellence in Particle and Fiber Engineering

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The Center for Excellence in Particle and Fiber Engineering (CEPFE) is an interdisciplinary research and education center of excellence. Located in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department (MNE) at Virginia Commonwealth University, the center aims to promote the high-quality research and educational experiences to the MNE’s diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students. Through the scientific research and technology development for particles and fibers, the CEPFE will be prominently distinct in four research thrust areas:

Design, Manufacturing and Processing

Particle/fiber-enabled Technology

Filtration and Seperation

Health-related Particles

Missions of CEPFE

  • To advance scientific knowledge/technologies in the field of particles and fibers.
  • To research and develop particle/fiber-enabled techniques for transdisciplinary applications.
  • To transfer the knowledge and technology of particles/fibers to industries.
  • To partner with industries and government for solving particle/fiber related issues encountered in practice and applications.
  • To educate the future workforce in the areas/applications where particles/fibers are the focus.
  • To boost the regional community engagement and local economics.
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