Advisory Boards

Industrial Advisory Boards

The Industrial Advisory Boards for Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Programs review the health of the department, advise the faculty on the general direction of the department, critically review the department strategic plans, help in developing new research directions and strengthen existing ones, advise the department on new faculty hires, identify potential sources of supplemental funding, and last but not least, help to develop, maintain and innovate the graduate and undergraduate curricula. The IABs meet once or twice per year for a full-day meeting.

Members of our advisory boards for program development are:

Mechanical Engineering Program

Thaer Almasri Senior Operations Manager  eCMMS – White Oak Pack Center 
Robert R. Croft, P.E. (VA/NC/TX/NH/GA/SC) Project Engineering Manager, BOP Construction Support, Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4  Stone & Webster, Inc 
C.A. Hodges  Senior Professional, Agency and Vendor Relations  Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 
Michael B. Hurd Director of MEP Engineering, Vice President  Moseley Architects 
Andrew Hutton, Ph.D.  Associate Director, Accelerator Division Jefferson Lab 
Poorna Mane, Ph.D. Directory Strategic Programs (Product Development, Sustaining Engineering, Global Operations, Medical Devices) Sonova Group
Patrick McElhinney Principle Engineer Altria Group Inc.  
Zoubeida Ounaies, Ph.D.  Professor, College of Engineering  Penn State University
Jacob L. Pretko Research Investigator   DuPont Protection Solutions 
Ernie Pryor Vice President of Engineering Hamilton Beach Brands
Ritesh Shah Americas Steam Power System Engineering Leader, Greater Richmond Region GE Power
Pere Villar Director, Services Sales Energy, USA Alfa Laval Inc.
Kevin Weiseman  Aramids Business Manufacturing Technical Manager  DuPont


Nuclear Engineering Program

Sama Bilbao y León, Ph.D. Head, Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics  OECD Nuclear Energy Agency 
Mr. Tom Bergman Vice President, Regulatory Affairs NuScale Power
Dr. Jon Carmack Senior Technical Advisor to Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy Idaho National Laboratory
Mr. David Christian Chief Innovation Officer Dominion Energy
Ms. Mary Cullen Vice President, Nuclear Propulsion Newport News Shipbuilding
Dr. Harold Dodds Emeritus Professor, Nuclear Engineering University of Tennessee
Mr. William (Barry) Fletcher Vice President, Nuclear Propulsion (Retired as of Dec 2016) Newport News Shipbuilding
Robert S. Freeman Vice President, Contracts & Services-North America, Fuel Commercial & Customer Center Framatome
Dr. Bruce Mallett Executive Director of Operations (retired as of May 2010) US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
John Monninger Deputy Director, Division of Operating Reactor Licensing U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Dr. David Pointer Distinguished Nuclear Engineer, Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division  Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
Dr. Finis Southworth  Chief Technology Officer (retired as of August 2015)   AREVA NP 
Mr. Mark Tonacci  Branch Chief for Licensing Branch 1 (retired as of Dec 2016), Division of New Reactor Licensing, Office of New Reactors   NRC 
Mr. Glen Watford  Chief Consulting Engineer  GE-Hitach 

Ex Officio Members

Gary Tepper, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
VCU Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Supathorn Phongikaroon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Nuclear Engineering Programs
VCU Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering