The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering utilizes faculty and research facilities to expose students to advanced and emerging technologies in mechanical and nuclear engineering. Research thrusts in the college include computer science, life sciences, micro/nanotechnology, thermal sciences, solid mechanics, smart materials, biomechanics, dynamics and control, and manufacturing and design.

Spires of Excellence

Spire of Excellence Infographic

Mechanical and nuclear engineering

Three “spires of excellence” drive the work of the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering: medical devices, energy and functional materials.

Our researchers have developed new respiratory drug-delivery strategies where lung cancer treatments, for example, can be targeted to specific areas of the lung for greater efficiency. Energy researchers have created a technique to produce energy-efficient computing devices, which eliminate the need for battery-powered computers, and our research with self-sensing magnetoelectric actuator replaceable tips has a far-reaching impact on the future of diagnostic surgery.

Examples of research

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