Undergraduate Studies

The VCU Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering offers an accredited B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, including the option of obtaining a major concentration nuclear engineering. The curriculum for the freshman year is the same with or without the nuclear concentration. A student may declare their intention to enter the nuclear concentration at any point during their undergraduate studies; however, most students will make this choice as they begin taking nuclear engineering courses in their sophomore year.


View up-to-date information on degree requirements and curriculum:

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with nuclear engineering concentration

Minor in Mechanical Engineering


The program objectives and anticipated student outcomes of our undergraduate program serve as the guidelines for our curriculum, grading policy and graduation requirements.

Course descriptions

Students are required to take courses that meet the general requirements to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the university, major concentration area and technical electives. The courses in mechanical and nuclear engineering are taught by the faculty in this department and form the bulk of courses in the major concentration area.

The courses in engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering and elective topics are given unique alphanumeric identification as follows:

ENGR Courses common to all engineering disciplines
EGRM Courses in mechanical engineering major area
EGRN Courses in nuclear engineering major area
ENGZ Senior design studio in engineering

Visit the VCU Courses website for up-to-date course descriptions.

Student advising

Students enrolled in the B.S. program are assigned an academic adviser to guide them through their stay in the VCU School of Engineering. Faculty in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering serve as advisers to our students and meet with them on a regular basis. In addition to one-on-one sessions, students are also given mass advising to assist them in signing up for classes.

A list of advisors is available in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering office (East Hall E-3221).

For documents to help you track your progress on your way to graduation, visit the Forms page of this website.

Graduation requirements

Technical electives

Students are required to take courses on topics that help them acquire advanced knowledge in areas of mechanical and nuclear engineering that will be relevant to them in their future careers or graduate school. These specialized topics are usually taught for seniors in our undergraduate program or introductory courses in the graduate program in mechanical and nuclear engineering.

Grade requirement

In order to graduate, undergraduate students must earn a minimum grade of C in all required engineering courses, in all courses used to satisfy technical elective requirements, and in MATH 200, MATH 201, MATH 301, MATH 307 and PHYS 207.

Internship requirement

Students pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (and the optional nuclear engineering concentration) are required to complete an internship during their time as students in our undergraduate program. To learn more about open opportunities, visit HireVCURams. After receiving an internship offer, all students are required to report their internship for approval. Click here for more information on the internship approval process.

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