Solid Mechanics Laboratory

The Solid Mechanics Laboratory conducts experiments on the fundamental principles of solid mechanics, materials and dynamics. A range of topics are covered including testing of materials for tensile, compression, bending and torsional loads, vibrations and material microstructure. Students perform mechanical testing on a variety of structural elements and machine components following appropriate codes and standards. As a result, they gain understanding of different failure modes of the materials under different mechanical loading conditions. Additionally, they are taught to work as a team to design experimental procedures and effectively report the results of their experiments.

Key Equipment

MTS 30

Solid Mechanics Lab MTS 30 Machine

Hardness Tester

Solid Mechanics Lab Struers Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

Solid Mechanics Lab Rockwell Hardness Tester

Instron 5948

Solid Mechanics Lab Instron 5948 Machine

Key Capabilities

  • Tension/Compression Testing
  • Mechanical testing of structural elements
  • Finite Element Analysis to predict stress/strains in simple structures


EGMN 311: Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Research Facility: For Faculty & Students

Senior Capstone Design


Charles Cartin, Ph.D.