Thermal Science Laboratory

In the Thermal Science Laboratory, experiments are conducted on fundamental principles of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, covering a range of topics such as hydrostatics, Bernoulli equation, impact jets, aerodynamic forces, heat pump cycles, thermodynamic cycles, heat exchanger design and convection heat transfer.

Key Equipment

Ventri Tube Experiment

Thermal Science Lab Ventri Tube Experiment

New Wind Tunnel

Thermal Science Lab's New Wind Tunnel Machine

Heat Exchanger Service Unit

Thermal Science Lab Heat Exchanger Service Unit

Water Jet Impact Experiment

Thermal Science Lab Water Jet Impact Experiment

Key Capabilities

  • New wind tunnel used to study fluid mechanics of gases
  • Heat Exchanger Service Unit to study heat transfer of liquids
  • Energy Loss from Friction to study fluid mechanics of liquids
  • Small wind tunnel used to study heat transfer in gases


EGMN 312: Thermal Sciences Laboratory


Frank Gulla