VCU Nuclear Engineering Program Advisory Board

Updated Spring 2021

Dr. Sama Bilbaoy Leon Headshot

Dr. Sama Bilbao y Leon

Director General
World Nuclear Association

Mr. Tom Bergman Headshot

Mr. Tom Bergman

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
NuScale Power

Dr. Jon Carmack Headshot

Dr. Jon Carmack

National Technical Director
Fuel Cycle Research and Development Advanced Fuels Program
Department of Energy
Idaho National Laboratory

Mr. David Christian Headshot

Mr. David Christian

Chief Innovation Officer (Retired)
Dominion Energy

Ms. Mary Cullen headshot

Ms. Mary Cullen

Vice President, Nuclear Propulsion
Newport News Shipbuilding

Dr. Harold Dodds Headshot

Dr. Harold Dodds

Emeritus Professor, Nuclear Engineering
University of Tennessee

Robert S. Freeman Headshot

Robert S. Freeman

Vice President, Nuclear Fuel
Framatome Inc.

Mr. William (Barry) Fletcher Headshot

Mr. William (Barry) Fletcher

Vice President, Nuclear Propulsion (Retired as of Dec 2016)
Newport News Shipbuilding

Dr. Bruce Mallet Headshot

Dr. Bruce Mallett

Executive Director of Operations (retired as of May 2010)
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

John Monninger Headshot

John Monninger

Deputy Regional Administrator, Region-IV
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Dr. David Pointer Headshot

Dr. David Pointer

Distinguished Nuclear Engineer Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Finis Southworth Headshot

Dr. Finis Southworth

Chief Technology Officer (retired as of August 2015)

Mr. Mark Tonacci Headshot

Mr. Mark Tonacci

Branch Chief for Licensing Branch 1 (retired as of Dec 2016)
Division of New Reactor Licensing Office of New Reactors

Mr. Glen Watford Headshot

Mr. Glen Watford

Chief Consulting Engineer