Undergraduate Studies

The VCU Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering offers an accredited B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a Nuclear Engineering Concentration. The curriculum for the freshman year is the same with or without the nuclear concentration. A student may declare their intention to enter the nuclear concentration at any point during their undergraduate studies; however, most students will make this choice as they begin taking nuclear engineering courses in the fall of their sophomore year.

Curriculum Sequence Flowchart

Curriculum sequence flowcharts for both degree options can be found at the links below. These flowcharts are applicable based on the semester and year of a student's initial enrollment in engineering. This is referred to as the bulletin year. Refer to the VCU Bulletins for official graduation requirements.

MNE Course Sequence Flowchart

Academic advising

Students enrolled in the B.S. program in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering are required to meet regularly with an academic adviser.

Ms. Allison Norden serves as the MNE academic adviser. To make an appointment with Ms. Norden or see her availability, go to VCU eServices.

Class Override Request Form

Use this form to request an override for a Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering class. For all other courses, contact the department teaching that course.

Internship/CO-OP Requirement

Students pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering or a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a Nuclear Engineering Concentration are required to complete an approved internship or cooperative (co-op) experience during their time as students in our undergraduate program. To learn more about open opportunities, visit Handshake. After receiving an internship offer, all students are required to report their internship for approval. More information on the internship/co-op approval process.

Career Advising

Career advising is available through the College of Engineering Office of Career Services.