Computer science deals with the design, development and utilization of computers and software, and includes mathematics as well as the more technology-focused areas typical of engineering.

The development of computer systems has led to the development of operating systems, algorithms, programming languages, databases and many other areas that have no counterpart in other disciplines.

The field of computer science has experienced phenomenal growth over the past several decades and employment opportunities remain excellent. Computer scientists work in practically every aspect of the modern world — in business and manufacturing, aerospace and avionics, cryptography and telecommunications, bioinformatics and medical informatics, education, entertainment, data mining, cloud computing, and cyber security.

The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science. Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and are looking for a career change into computer science can complete a Certificate in Computer Science. Additionally, students can pursue a Master of Science in Computer and Information Systems Security, which is jointly offered by the VCU College of Engineering and VCU School of Business, or a Ph.D. in Engineering with a computer science track. The department also offers an accelerated B.S. and M.S. degree program to offer the best students an opportunity to obtain both degrees in five years.


Recognized for outstanding research and education as one of the top three computer science departments in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our Mission

  • Generate highly visible research that advances theoretical and applied computer science.

  • Contribute to the economic growth of Virginia by producing well educated graduates that meet industry's needs and who help companies to stay competitive in global markets.

  • Collaborate with VCU health sciences faculty to solve health-related problems, leveraging our respective strengths.

  • Provide computer science education and training to all VCU students that are interested in learning this crucial skill of modern society.