Active Grants

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Tomasz Arodz

  • “CAREER: Optimizing Learning Models for Interpretation of Heterogeneous Biological Data” – NSF

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Eyuphan Bulut

  • “US Ignite: Collaborative Research: Focus Area 1: Rapid and Resilient Critical Data Sourcing for Public Safety and Emergency Response" (in collaboration with Milos Manic)” – NSF

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Wei Cheng

  • “Collaborative Research: CyberSEES: Type 1: A Pilot Study on Cognitive Acoustic Underwater Networks (CAUNet) for Sustainable Ocean Monitoring and Exploration” – NSF
  • "Coverage, Capacity, and Resilience Enhancement in Limited Public Safety" - NIST
  • "BIGDATA: F: Collaborative Research: Acquisition, Collection, and Computation of Dynamic Big Sensory Data in Smart Cities" - NSF

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Kostadin Damevski

  • “Mining Developer Communications to Create a Web-Scale Repository of Documented and Analyzable Snippets” - DARPA

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Debra Duke

  • "Collaborative Research: Engaged Student Learning - Design and Development Level II: Using a Cyberlearning Environment to Improve Student Learning and Engagement in Software Courses" - NSF

Carol Fung

  • "DroidNet: Android Application Security through Crowdsourcing" - VCU Innovation Gateway

Sevag Gharibian

  • "Quantum Algorithms from the Interplay of Simulation, Optimization, and Machine Learning" - DOE 
  • "QIP 2018 Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Funding Support" - NSF
  • "AF: Small: Exact algorithms for the quantum satisfiability problem" – NSF
  • "AF: Small: Approximation algorithms for the quantum mechanical problems" - NSF

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Preetam Ghosh

  • “Dynamic modeling and computational analysis of biological signaling networks and their evaluation using the NS-2 software framework” – US Army-ERDC
  • "Reverse Engineering the robustness of biological signaling networks" – US Army-ERDC

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Lukasz Kurgan

  • “III: Small: High-Throughput Annotation of Cellular Functions of Intrinsic Disorder in Proteins” – NSF

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Milos Manic

  • “Computational Intelligence Based Optimization and Control for Reliability and Product Quality in Biomass,” – Department of Energy/Idaho National Laboratory
  • "Support Development for Cyber-Physical Assessment and Visualization", DOE/BEA
  • “Resilient, Scalable Cyber State Awareness Of Industrial Control System Networks To Threat: Data Driven Modeling,” – Department of Energy/DHS
  • US Ignite: Collaborative Research: Focus Area 1: Rapid and Resilient Critical Data Sourcing for Public Safety and Emergency Response - NSF (Eyuphan Bulut PI, Milos Manic Co-PI)
  • “INL Fleet and simulator support” – Department of Energy/Idaho National Laboratory

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Tamer Nadeem

  • NeTS: Small: SMILE -- Towards Smarter Network Edges for Next Generation Networks - NSF

Cang Ye

  • "NRI: Collaborative Research: Quadrupedal Human-Assistive Robotic Platform (Q-HARP)", NIH

Hong-Sheng Zhou

  • "Scalable Blockchains" - Ergo Platform  
  • “Cryptocurrency via Proof of Work and Proof of Stake” - IOHK Research 

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