Active Grants

Please visit each faculty member’s research website to learn more about his or her activities.

Irfan Ahmed

  • “EDU: Collaborative: Using Virtual Machine Introspection for Deep Cyber Security Education” – NSF, SaTC
  • "SaTC-EDU: EAGER: Peer Instruction for Cybersecurity Education" – NSF, SaTC
  • “A Virtual PLC Framework for Control Logic Forensics in Industrial Control System” – ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

Website for Dr. Ahmed

Tomasz Arodz

  • “CAREER: Optimizing Learning Models for Interpretation of Heterogeneous Biological Data” – NSF

Website for Dr. Arodz

Eyuphan Bulut

  • "US Ignite: Collaborative Research: Focus Area 1: Rapid and Resilient Critical Data Sourcing for Public Safety and Emergency Response" – NSF (Eyuphan Bulut PI, Milos Manic Co-PI)
  • "NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Improving Spectrum Efficiency for Hyper-Dense IoT Networks" – NSF
  • "Reinforcement Learning based Autonomous UAV Swarm Path Planning in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments" – Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)

Website for Dr. Bulut

Alberto Cano

  • "Interpretable Data Mining Models for Early Prediction of Student Performance and Dropout" – VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund (Alberto Cano PI, John Leonard co-PI)
  • "Hate Speech Detection on Amazon Reviews using Data Stream Mining on Spark and AWS" – Amazon Machine Learning Awards (Alberto Cano PI, Bartosz Krawczyk and Bridget McInnes co-PIs)
  • "Industry Sponsored Research" - Hamilton Beach
  • "Machine learning for the supply chain management" - Hamilton Beach

Website for Dr. Cano

Krzysztof Cios

  • “C-Accel Pilot-Track B2 (National Talent Ecosystem): Empowering a Digital Technology Workforce through Alignment and Coordination of Upskilling and Reskilling Opportunities” - NSF

Website for Dr. Cios

Kostadin Damevski

  • "SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Automatically Enhancing Quality of Social Communication Channels to Support Software Developers and Improve Tool Reliability” – NSF

Website for Dr. Damevski

Debra Duke

  • "Collaborative Research: Engaged Student Learning - Design and Development Level II: Using a Cyberlearning Environment to Improve Student Learning and Engagement in Software Courses" – NSF

Carol Fung

  • "DroidNet: Android Application Security through Crowdsourcing" – VCU Innovation Gateway

Preetam Ghosh

  • “Dynamic modeling and computational analysis of biological signaling networks and their evaluation using the NS-2 software framework” – US Army-ERDC
  • "Health Information Gateway and Exchange (HINGE): Radiation Oncology Data Analytics Portal " – US Dept. of Veteran Affairs
  • "Dynamics of surfactant - amyloid-beta protein interactions during self-assembly" – NSF

Website for Dr. Ghosh

Lukasz Kurgan

  • “III: Small: High-Throughput Annotation of Cellular Functions of Intrinsic Disorder in Proteins” – NSF

Website for Dr. Kurgan

Changqing Luo

  • “Decentralized Coordination on Blockchain for Mobile Edge Computing Enabled IoT Systems,” – VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund

Milos Manic

  • “2019 Innovation Fund: Knowledge extraction and explainable machine learning in factories of the future,” - Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM)
  • “Advanced Data Analytics Toolbox and Sensitivity Analysis in Support of Smart High Precision Experiments and Data Management,” - Department of Energy
  • US Ignite: Collaborative Research: Focus Area 1: Rapid and Resilient Critical Data Sourcing for Public Safety and Emergency Response - NSF (Eyuphan Bulut PI, Milos Manic Co-PI)
  • “INL Fleet and simulator support” – Department of Energy/Idaho National Laboratory

Website for Dr. Manic

Bridget McInnes

  • "Jeffress Trust Awards Program in Interdisciplinary Research. Advancing Biomedical Research with Machine Assisted Experimental Design." Bridget McInnes, PhD. Nastassja Lewinski, PhD.

Tamer Nadeem

  • NeTS: Small: SMILE -- Towards Smarter Network Edges for Next Generation Networks – NSF

Cang Ye

  • “Smart Cane for Assistive Navigation (SCAN) to Help Blind Persons,” – Federal Highway Administration of US Dept. of Transportation
  • “NRI: A Wearable Robotic Object Manipulation Aid for the Visually Impaired” – NIH
  • “NRI: Small: A Co-Robotic Navigation Aid for the Visually Impaired” – NIH
  • “NRI: Collaborative Research: Quadrupedal Human-Assistive Robotic Platform (Q-HARP)” – NIH

Hong-Sheng Zhou

  • "Scalable Blockchains" – Ergo Platform  
  • “Cryptocurrency via Proof of Work and Proof of Stake” – IOHK Research
  • "SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Theory and Practice of Cryptosystems Secure Against Subversion" – NSF
  • “Secure Computation against Kleptographic Attacks” - Google  

Website for Dr. Zhou