Research Labs

Arodz Lab: Bioinformatics explores and advances the fascinating research field where computer science methods meet problems from life sciences.

Bulut Lab: Mobile and Wireless Networks focuses on the development of algorithms and methods for understanding and modeling efficient mobile and wireless networks.

Cano Lab: High-Performance Data Mining focuses on big data mining and machine learning algorithms using high-performance computing.

Cios Lab: Data Mining and Biomedical Informatics focuses on the development of efficient learning algorithms and tools for data mining with applications in biology and medicine.

Damevski Lab: Software Improvement advances the state of the art in software maintenance and software engineering research.

Gharibian Lab: Quantum Computing studies interdisciplinary topics at the intersection of quantum mechanics and theoretical computer science.

Ghosh Lab: Biological Networks primarily focuses on areas of modeling and simulation of complex networks with a focus on biological networks and distributed computing.

Kecman Lab: Learning Algorithms and Applications develops algorithms and methods for ultra-large-scale data sets for application in bioinformatics, medicine, engineering, science, e-commerce and Web mining.

Kurgan Lab: (un)Structural Bioinformatics searches for patterns, generates models and interprets information encoded in biologically interesting macromolecules using machine learning algorithms.

Manic Lab: Modern Heuristics Research focuses on the theoretical and applied research in Computational Intelligence (CI) algorithms, such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic Systems and Unsupervised Learning techniques.

McInnes Lab: Natural Language Processing focuses on developing tools and methods that make it possible for the computer to understand human language

RamSec: Cybersecurity advances security technology to improve security management, critical infrastructure vulnerability assessment, computation security, cryptographic techniques and anonymity and privacy.