Dahlgren Academic Fellowship

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Employees

NSWCDD employees should follow the procedures below to apply and register for classes. This information is applicable to NSWCDD employees only.

Applying for admission

Note: You must register for a class in the semester you submit your application for admission.

There are two ways to apply for admission:

Nondegree-seeking status

If you want to take a class but do not yet want to apply to the M.S. program, use the Dahlgren Application Form. You must submit the application form before you can register for a class. VCU utilizes an online registration system and the form provides information that will be used to enter you into the VCU student system for enrollment. Please give the form to Thang Dinh.

Note: You can only transfer six credits earned before being formally admitted to the program. Be sure to apply for standard admission before taking your third class.

Standard admission

If you want to apply to the M.S. in Computer Science degree program, follow the procedure for online application on the VCU Graduate School website. Deadline for fall admission is June 1 and deadline for spring admission is Nov. 15.

GRE scores should be submitted with the application.

Please note: You are responsible for knowing, or acquiring knowledge of, all prerequisite topics (undergraduate or graduate) when registering for a class. You can find course prerequisites and content in the computer science course descriptions. If in doubt, contact the instructor for specific prerequisite information.

Leave of absence and time limits

The allowable time limit for completing the M.S. degree is six years after admission. Any exception requires a special request. It is recognized that part-time students who are employed full-time may not be able to take a class in a given semester.

However, if you will not take any classes in the spring and fall of a calendar year, you must apply for a leave of absence through your adviser. Otherwise, you will have to reapply to the program when you return. A leave of absence does not extend the six-year time limit.