The Department of Computer Science supports state-of-the-art teaching and research computing labs, in addition to several general purpose computing labs that are supported by the School of Engineering.

PC teaching lab, E4221

This Dell lab (dual boot Windows and Linux) contains 36 student computers and one instructional computer.

iMac teaching lab, E1244

This iMac lab contains 36 student computers and one instructional computer.

Computing servers in E2267 and E4212

The departmental cluster, Dogwood, is a High Performance Cluster (HPC) composed of 16 nodes. Each node is composed of 64 processing cores clocked at 2.6GHz for a total of 1024 cores. Each node contains 256GB RAM. Dogwood is connected to a 72TB Storage Area Network (SAN). 16TB of storage is configured as shared storage between all the nodes and 6TB is allocated for database use.

The cluster and storage are connected to a fast network achieving transfer rates of up to 1GB/s.

The entire cluster is configured for redundancy, such that if a component fails (such as a hard disk or network card) the cluster is unaffected as a whole so that it can keep processing jobs.

Thus, our department has the total of 57 servers:

  • Dogwood (16 nodes)

  • Jasmine (private cloud consisting of upwards of 35 virtual servers)

  • Willow (private cloud)

  • Tesla (GPU server)

  • Cypress (GPU server)

  • Hemlock (single node)

  • Aspen (single node)

  • Elm (High IO database server)