Dean Eskandarian with a group of students at Weeks of Welcome

Dean's Welcome

It is with great honor and excitement that I assume my role at VCU Engineering as the Alice T. and William H. Goodwin Jr. Dean in this rapidly transforming field. Since its inception, the VCU College of Engineering has maintained a tradition of excellence, and we continue to strive towards further national and international prominence. Our commitment to providing exceptional opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, both on-campus and online, remains unwavering.

Engineering serves as the foundation of modern society, propelling human progress through the tireless efforts of engineers dedicated to creating a better world. From smartphones and the internet to artificial intelligence, from healthcare and energy to transportation, security, and defense, engineering's impact spans every aspect of our lives. At VCU College of Engineering, we take great pride in equipping our graduates with the essential skills to shape the future and serve humanity.

Our students actively participate in Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP), which offer extensive, multi-year research opportunities for those looking to apply their classroom knowledge within a collaborative, cross-disciplinary team setting. Our approach stands out as distinctive, encompassing a hands-on curriculum, experiential learning through internships and cooperative education (co-op) programs, and an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled, individualized attention. These elements set us apart from other institutions, fostering a community of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by their shared commitment to engineering, education, and serving the communities they represent. 

Our state-of-art facilities, world-renowned faculty, talented students and pioneering research and discovery have enabled transformative impact in engineering, producing some of the most successful leaders in the field. The remarkable successes of our alumni are a great testimony to this claim. Together with our alumni and industry, we are working to educate engineers who will be unrivaled, standing out from their peers and leading the next generation of problem solvers to face tomorrow’s challenges. Our students are well-prepared for the most competitive engineering positions nationally and internationally.

Please visit our website frequently to learn more about our college, engineering programs and new initiatives. Join us in person to see what makes the VCU College of Engineering so unique. Located in Richmond, a vibrant, art-filled and culturally rich capital city, I extend a warm invitation to explore our campus and witness the amazing work our students, faculty and staff do every day. We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences but share a common passion for engineering, education and stewardship for the communities we represent and serve.

Whether you are a student, alumni, faculty, staff, industry professional or community member, I want you to know that the VCU College of Engineering is here for you. We are partners and seek to serve and change the world one positive action at a time.

Welcome to our RAMily!

Azim Eskandarian, DSc, Fellow of ASME
Alice T. and William H. Goodwin Jr. Dean
College of Engineering
Virginia Commonwealth University