Dean's Welcome

When I walk through VCU’s College of Engineering, I see the kind of people I’ve always wanted to hire into my labs and companies.

VCU engineers are whole-brain thinkers who know how to take hold of a problem and craft a solution that is creative and based on solid science and engineering principles. They want to live in a bigger world and use their skills to make it better. And VCU engineers are people looking to work with other smart people to build something great. As a scientist and entrepreneur, I know these are the people who make things happen.

Are you that kind of person? The fact that you’re exploring VCU indicates you might be.

When you come to the VCU College of Engineering, you immediately feel the high level of energy and inspiration at work here. It comes in large part from our public-private partnerships, which have been the foundation of the program since its inception in 1996. Government organizations and major industries surround our campus, our city and the region. They know that they can say “we need something,” and VCU Engineering will respond with brilliant minds and expert faculty.

VCU’s culture of collaboration means students don’t have to wait to conduct real-world research or work alongside industry leaders. We are one of just 20 universities nationwide, and the only school in Virginia, in the prestigious Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Consortium. VIP@VCU gives undergraduate engineering students opportunities to work with graduate students and faculty on innovative, large-scale research projects. VCU’s robust co-op and internship programs provide students paid engineering experience and expanding professional networks - while they are still in school.

VCU’s motto is “Make it Real.” The VCU College of Engineering is doing that every day, through research and learning experiences that are rooted in - and have impact on - the real world. I hope you will come and experience the VCU difference in person. You’ll interact with students from a world of backgrounds. You’ll meet faculty members with international reputations and love for student learning. And you’ll feel the synergy of a cutting-edge engineering program that lives in a vibrant community filled with cultural richness and natural beauty.

VCU offers a discovery-based education. What will you discover here? How will you make it real?

Why not visit and find out? At VCU, we are building the future now. Go Rams!

Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D. 
VCU College of Engineering