Give Back

Invest in the College of Engineering

Since opening its doors in 1996, the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering has modeled the transformative power of public and private partnerships. Private support helped build East and West Halls and fuels our ongoing expansion. It also endows professorships, funds scholarships and develops dynamic co-curricular programming. Your investment provides students with the tools to become the next generation of innovative engineers, and faculty with funding for groundbreaking research.

The Wright Engineering Access Scholarship

VCU Engineering’s flagship scholarship program gives need- and merit-based awards to a wide range of students, including nontraditional students and community college transfers. For many Wright Scholars, this award means being able to focus exclusively on academics without having to take on part-time jobs. When combined with internships and co-ops, this program can reduce — and even eliminate — the need for student loans.

Engineering a difference

Friends of the College of Engineering have built a legacy of support that is vital to the college’s growth and greatly benefits our faculty and students. The following are just a few examples of your dollars at work.

Academic and program support: Annual fund gifts to the VCU College of Engineering, its departments and co-curricular programming are the lifeblood of the college. These gifts enrich career programming, create and sustain laboratories, and support visiting lecturers, student organizations and leadership programs.

Student support: Gifts to annual or endowed scholarships help us attract the highest caliber students and directly aid talented students in need. Endowed fellowships bring top graduate students to VCU’s advanced research initiatives.

Faculty endowments: Endowed professorships and chairs help the College of Engineering recruit and retain top faculty from around the country and support entrepreneurial research and teaching initiatives.

Student innovation: The Capstone Design program is the culmination of the VCU Engineering undergraduate experience. Students gain valuable hands-on experience as they work collaboratively to innovate multidisciplinary design prototypes and present them at an Expo event attended by thousands from Richmond-area industries.

Capital projects: Help us build the future - literally - with a gift to capital projects. These projects include the construction of new facilities, additions and improvements to existing buildings on campus and acquisition of land or buildings.