Successful freshman applicants should be strong students overall with a very solid background in mathematics and the sciences. The VCU School of Engineering looks for consistent performance in high school or college-level classes serve, as that is a reliable indicator of the ability to manage time and the course work required for success in this rigorous program.


Criteria for freshmen applicants include a strong college preparatory program in high school with the following:

  • Four units of English

  • Four units of college-prep mathematics, including at least one full credit beyond algebra II (Credit in pre-calculus/calculus is desirable but not required.)

  • Chemistry, physics and biology (Advanced-level science courses, such as honors, AP, IB, etc., are beneficial.)

  • Three units of history or social sciences and government

  • SAT I using mathematics and critical reading sub-scores (for a 1600 total maximum score) or the ACT composite score

Standardized test scores and GPA

  • 2016 freshman admit SAT mid-50%: 1150-1350 (out of 1600)

  • 2016 freshman admit SAT average: 1250 (out of 1600)

  • 2016 freshman admit GPA mid-50%: 3.69-4.23

  • 2016 freshman admit GPA average: 3.97

Supplemental materials

The School of Engineering will receive all essays or recommendations sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please do not send additional materials to the school unless specifically requested.

High school credits

If you are entering as a freshman and have AP, IB or dual enrollment credits with appropriate grades, those credits will be applied toward your degree requirements within the School of Engineering. An examination report or official college transcript is required before the credit is transferred. We strongly encourage you to take the final examinations in AP or IB courses because credit cannot be granted without an examination result.

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