Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering alumnus Andriy Mulyar is transforming how people think about large datasets in AI model training.

“The principle behind us is that we bring transparency and democratic access to the datasets and training data that fuels AI systems,” said Andriy Mulyar, VCU Engineering alumnus and Forbes’ 30 under 30 recipient.

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Biomedical engineering alumni Ashley Bland receives VCU Alumni’s 10 Under 10 award for contributions to Richmond Public Schools

Bland was named Richmond Public Schools Teacher of the Year in 2021 and Virginia Region I Teacher of the Year in 2022.

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Wright Engineering Access Scholarship Profile: Enes Kalinsazlioglu

A Wright Engineering Access Scholarship recipient, the award helps Kalinsazlioglu overcome financial hardship, allowing him to focus on building a strong foundation in the core concepts of computer science.

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Bennett Ward, Ph.D., inducted into elite body of U.S. inventors

Bennett C. Ward, Ph.D., has invented the technologies behind a world of products including surgical devices, inkjet printers, at-home pregnancy tests and air fresheners

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