Expanding tech-talent pathways in Central Virginia

We are working to bring more people into technology careers in Virginia. Join us for our upcoming virtual community events and complete our survey. We want to listing to your feedback to make these recommendations most impactful.

Tech-Talent Pathways Final Report

VCU Engineering’s Tech-Talent Pathways Project works to increase prosperity by addressing Central Virginia’s ‘tech-education deserts’

VCU Engineering is expanding access to careers in the region's rapidly growing technology sector.

Joining forces with business leaders and community organizations, VCU Engineering is mapping Central Virginia’s existing technology education opportunities, including all K-12 and higher-education programs, tech-industry certifications and ad-hoc opportunities to upskill the workforce for the digital economy.

Through the new Tech-Talent Pathways Project, these leaders are also pinpointing gaps where resources don’t exist — or access to them is hindered by barriers. They aim to revitalize these “tech-education deserts” by creating stronger links across the tech-education community.

Growth and Opportunity for Virginia (GO Virginia), a bipartisan, business-led economic development initiative, has awarded $100,000 toward this initiative.

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