Biomedical engineering department offers non-thesis option

Have you considered BME graduate school

NEW: The Department of Biomedical Engineering at VCU College of Engineering is now offering a master’s degree with a non-thesis option.

Beginning this fall, the graduate program, which is top-ranked by U.S. News & World Report, has designed this option for students who want to gain advanced knowledge in biomedical engineering but may not be able to commit to the research required for an M.S. thesis.

Students with career goals that do not involve research or working professionals interested in attending graduate school part-time may be interested in pursuing this path. Without the research requirement, it is possible to complete the non-thesis option in less than two years.

The course requirements for the thesis and non-thesis options are the same, except that in the non-thesis option, six course credits replace the six thesis credits.

For information about the department’s research areas, visit the department website or send an email to