General access to the Makerspaces

For access to the makerspace collaboration and general use areas one must complete the Makerspace Orientation and General Safety Training Module. The primary focus of this module is on Makerspace guidelines, rules, regulations, safety protocols, and general overview of basic hand/power tools.


Makerspace Orientation and General Safety Training provides entry level access to the makerspaces. Orientation and training consist of makerspace rules and regulations, safety protocols, and an overview of basic hand and power tools. The Makerspace Rules and Regulations Agreement will be reviewed, completed, and submitted by the student (i.e. user). A quiz will be administered upon completion of the orientation and students must achieve a score of 100%. Upon successful completion of orientation and required assignments students will be granted access to general purpose and use areas within the makerspaces. Makerspace Orientation and General Safety Training must be completed prior to registering for more advanced Makerspace Training Courses.

Orientation and General Safety Training

Access to more advanced areas and equipment within the makerspaces requires additional certification and training modules and workshops. These are available through VCU Continuing and Professional Education.

Makerspace training courses

Courses currently available are listed on the VCU Continuing and Professional Education website:

Upon completion of all training modules, students may be eligible to become makerspace student workers and trainers. If interested, they should contact Boris Solomonov –

Why should YOU become a Makerspace trainer?

Students of various skill sets work in this space on a daily basis. We encourage a collaborative learning and training environment, therefore, the need for Makerspace trainers to assist new students in their endeavors to understand and operate makerspace equipment safely becomes paramount. As a trainer, you must be knowledgeable on all equipment to provide appropriate guidance and experience to educate others safely. Being a trainer not only gives you the opportunity to help others and develop your skills, you also become a leader among your peers.