2020 Undergraduate Symposium

StudentAbstract TitleDept.Faculty LabPresentation
Lovell Abraham Connexin 43 Deficiency Inhibits Pre-Osteocytic Differentiation BME Henry Donahue, Ph.D. Lovell Abraham Presentation
Valeria Acuna Sierra Investigation of PCL Scaffolds for Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts BME Joao Soares, Ph.D. Valeria Acuna Sierra Presentation 
Madison Bates Driving Lysl Oxidase Induced Hierarchical Collagen Crosslinks for Functional Musculoskeletal Engineering BME Jennifer Puetzer, Ph.D. Madison Bates Presentation
Keenan Brown The Effect of Stretch Induced Senescence in an In Vitro Model of Ventilator Induced-Lung Injury BME Rebecca Heise, Ph.D. Keenan Brown Presentation
Emily Clement Design of Accelerated Experiments to Investigate the Degradation of Electrospun PCL Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Under Dynamic Loading MNE Joao Soares, Ph.D. Emily Clement Presentation 
Charlie Dil ELISE: Entity Labeling Independent Sentences with ELMo CS Bridget McInnes, Ph.D. Charlie Dil Presentation
Panth Doshi Can Mechanical Load Prevent New or Reduce Existing Advanced Glycation End-Product Accumulation in Tendons? BME Jennifer Puetzer, Ph.D. Panth Doshi Presentation
Anthony Duong Perspectives and Challenges: Shaping Magnetocaloric Regenerators for Sustainable Energy Applications MNE Radhika Barua, Ph.D. Anthony Duong Presentation
Steele Farnsworth Pseudobert: Using contextualized word embeddings to augment training data for relation extraction CS Bridget McInnes, Ph.D. Steele Farnsworth Presentation
Jenna Gaspar Computational 3D-models of Hemodynamics of Congenital Heart Disease to Augment Clinical Judgement in Pre-Surgical Planning  MNE Joao Soares, Ph.D. Jenna Gaspar Presentation
Gabrielle Gurdin Named Entity Recognition for Chemical Reaction Detection CS Bridget McInnes, Ph.D. Gabrielle Gurdin Presentation
Lindsay Jordan Investigation of the clinical impact of patient-specific 3D-printed anatomical models for congenital heart disease pre-surgical planning MNE Joao Soares, Ph.D. Lindsay Jordan Presentation
James Marr Nanophotonic Testbench ECE Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D. James Marr Presentation
Ryan McGuire Using Additive Manufacturing to Investigate State-of-the-Art Instrumentation in Advanced Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Experiments MNE Lane Carasik, Ph.D. Ryan McGuire Presentation
Anna-Blessing Merife Substrates Surfaces are Transduced through a Focal Adhesion and B-catenin Mediated Cascade BME Henry Donahue, Ph.D. Anna-Blessing Merife Presentation
Dane Nielson Evaluating the Effect of miR-451 on Osteoarthritis in a Rat ACLT Model Using micro-CT Contrast Agent Ca4+ BME Barbara Boyan, Ph.D. Dane Nielson Presentation
Noah Routhier Acoustic Metamaterial Lens ECE Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D. Noah Routhier Presentation
Cindy Tho Surfactant Replacement Therapy Using Enhanced Excipient Growth (EEG) Survanta in an In Vivo Rat Lung Injury Model BME Rebecca Heise, Ph.D. Cindy Tho Presentation
Sierra Tutwiler Generalized Python Tool for Thermal Hydraulics Core Analysis of Advanced Reactors MNE Lane Carasik, Ph.D. Sierra Tutwiler Presentation
Yasmina Zeineddine Genetic Variability Affects Muscle Strength but not Response to Unloading in Founder Strains of Diversity Outbred Mice BME Henry Donahue, Ph.D. Yasmina Zeineddine Presentation
Yasmina Zeineddine Motor Evoked Potential Recruitment Curves to Monitor Neuroplasticity after Spinal Cord Injury BME Carrie Peterson, Ph.D. Yasmina Zeineddine Presentation 2