DURI 2020


Hajar Afilal (ECE)

Carol Fung, Ph.D.

Carol Fung, Ph.D.

A Framework to Detect and Block Bots Used for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Madison Bates (BME)

Ethan Brown

Jennifer Puetzer, Ph.D.

Investigating Lysyl Oxidase Induced Trivalent Crosslink Maturation in Collagen

Jacob Broitman (CLSE)

Kashminder Singh Mehta

Hooman Tafreshi, Ph.D.

Droplet Detachment using Repulsive Magnetic Force

Keenan Brown (BME)

Franck Kamga Gninzeko

Rebecca L. Heise, Ph.D.

Senolytic drugs as Therapy in an in vitro Aging Model of Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury

Yeajin Cho (BME)

Christopher Lynch

Carrie L. Peterson, Ph.D.

Effect of brain anatomy on the efficacy of brain stimulation for motor rehabilitation

Anthony Duong (MNE)

Dustin Clifford

Radhika Barua, Ph.D.

Additive Manufacturing of Magnetocaloric Regenerators for Thermomagnetic Energy Harvesting Devices

Jenna Gaspar (MNE)

Joao S. Soares, Ph.D.

Joao S. Soares, Ph.D.

Computational 3D-models of hemodynamics of congenital heart disease to augment clinical judgement in pre-surgical planning

Gabrielle Gurdin (CS)

Clint Cuffy

Bridget McInnes, Ph.D.

Learning from unlabeled and pseudo data for clinical named entity recognition

Lindsay Jordan (MNE)

Johane Bracamonte

Joao S. Soares, Ph.D.

Study of the clinical impact of patient-specific 3D-printed models for congenital heart disease treatment

James Marrs (ECE)

Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D.

Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D.

Development of Custom Nanophotonic Test Stand

Dane Nielson (BME)

Kayla Scott

Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.

Using miR-122 mimic and miR-451 inhibitor to prevent the associated inflammatory and proteolytic enzyme signaling in osteoarthritis