Engineering East Hall makes “50 Reasons to love VCU” list

East Hall
Engineering East Hall

VCU’s Spring 2018 alumni magazine published a list of 50 reasons to love VCU. Engineering East Hall, with its prime location for collaboration and fun, made the list:


18) A perfect pairing east of campus

In 2008, the university finished the first phase of the 11-acre Monroe Park Campus Addition to the east of campus and opened one new building with collocated space for business and engineering students. Snead Hall, which houses the School of Business, features a variety of study spaces and classrooms as well as a fully functioning capital markets and trading room. The College of Engineering’s second building, East Hall, shares space with Snead and is home to the da Vinci Center. The addition also brought the establishment of the VCU Brandcenter and the completion of the Cary and Belvidere residence hall. Thanks to the Chili’s restaurant attached to the hall, students and fans alike gained a new space to watch the Rams play basketball.


Just wait until construction of the Engineering Research Building is finished. Watch the construction cam on our home page.  


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