Doctoral student’s research featured on cover of The Journal of Applied Physics

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering student Noor Farhan
Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering doctoral student Noor M. Farhan.

Research by Noor M. Farhan, a Ph.D. student in VCU’s Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, was recently featured on the cover of the Journal of Applied Physics. The Journal of Applied Physics is an American journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of applied physics research.

Farhan's study “Universal expression for droplet–fiber detachment force” investigates the force required to detach a droplet from a fiber. It proposes a mathematical correlation that can be used universally for droplet detachment force prediction and eliminates the need for running experiments or computer simulations. Hooman Tafreshi, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering at VCU is Farhan’s Ph.D. adviser and co-author on the publication.

Farhan comes from Wasit, Iraq, and is supported by the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq. She is the mother of two young children (Hussain, age four, and Ibrahim, age two). Her husband is also a graduate student at VCU.