Virtual Capstone Expo 2020

2020 Capstone Header

Join us from 1-3 p.m. Friday, May 8, for the first virtual Capstone Design Expo awards ceremony. View the live event at this Zoom link.

Each department’s winning team, plus the winning multi-department team, will present their innovations.

Department Winners:

BME 115: Surgical Delivery of a Regenerative Biologic for ACL Repair 

Team: Chasity Kay, Neeha Gambhirrao, Rohani Patel, Anupama Pathak, Ushna Arora

CLSE 203: Rapid, Point of Care Test for Diagnosing Acute Cardiac Ischemia

Team: Brenda Mauricio Arce, Collin Rodrigues, Ernesto Tinoco Benitez

CS 322: Drone-Delivered Naloxone

Team: Anthony Caliri, Tyler Griggs, Tin Vu

ECE 412: High-Speed, Low-Environmental-Impact, One-Way Underwater Communications System

Team: Ciarra Cartwright Elliott, James Forsberg, Erwin Karincic, Jonathan Lundquist

MNE 517: 3D-Printed Aeroshell with Integrated Force Measurement

Team: Zach Clarke, Stephen Holtz, Cecily Sheffield and Andrew Wingfield

MULTI 603: Design Control Methodologies for the Tribofilm Structure on Engine Surfaces

Team: Youngbin Kim, Edwin Winfield, Kaylyn Hardy, Karlitza Molina-Santiago, Mary Sprague


Following team presentations, awards for Dean’s Choice will be presented.

More than 90 Capstone 2020 posters, abstracts and presentations for the projects are currently open for public viewing.