Pricing and Work Orders

Charging and invoicing policies

All equipment, hardware, machines, and tooling at Maker Garage must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the highest quality and precision is achieved for every finished product.

Therefore, due to costs associated with maintaining the makerspace, it is necessary to charge a fee for work and services provided by our staff. Consulting and design assistance are available upon request and applicable fees will apply for such service.

Any and all materials used for projects must be purchased by the user (i.e., requestor) either from the shop or outside vendors. There is also an annual minimum service charge for engineering clubs/organizations that have a high-volume usage of the makerspace. This charge assists in providing partial reimbursement for machine repairs, supplies, tooling, or any other associated maintenance.


All work orders submitted will be evaluated based on priority. Additionally, final charges and estimations will be based on work size and equipment utilized.

For full estimates please contact:

Boris Solomonov – or 804-827-4013

Makerspace Work Order Form