Projects and Clubs

Here at VCU we are proud of our student clubs and the projects they create. Two clubs currently competing are Formula SAE and Hyperloop. These two groups work diligently to not only meet the demands of being full time students, but designing and building two unique vehicles as well. Both teams compete at annual international competitions where they represent VCU. We are proud to be the space they use for their projects and creativity.

Formula SAE at VCU

VCU02 is the work of students from three VCU programs. A Capstone Design team from VCU Engineering designed, fabricated and installed the car’s suspension system. Improvements to VCU02’s chassis, or frame, came from a Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) team. VIP@VCU gives undergraduate engineering students opportunities to work with graduate students and faculty on innovative, multiyear, large-scale research projects. The Formula SAE at VCU student organization, which includes students from engineering, computer science, business, mass communications and humanities and sciences, has overseen the project as a whole.


Hyperloop at VCU team leaders reflect on the experience of making it into an elite group of finalists at the 2018 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in Hawthorne, California. The team is inspired and energized to compete in the next competition.

VIP and Capston Design

Vertically Integrate Projects (VIP) teams as well as Capstone Design students also use this space to assist in the creation and completion of their projects.