Capstone returns to the Stu

Capstone Expo 2019
The 2019 Capstone Design Expo is Friday, April 26, 2019

The big day is almost here: the 2019 Capstone Design Expo is Friday, April 26, 2019. Several Capstone Design teams have joint projects with VCU School of Business students. Presentations from VCU’s Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) teams will also be on display at VCU’s Stuart C. Siegel Center.


Take a look at just a few of the projects that will be on view:


Waterproof Osseointegration Covers

Department: Chemical and Life Science Engineering

Team: Megan Freeman, Kyle McDaniel, Joshua Snow

Adviser: Bennett C. Ward, Ph.D.

Sponsor: QL+


Ambulance Drone for Overdose Response

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Team: Alexander Larson, Theodore McGary, Johnson Mphofe

Advisers: Robert H. Klenke, Ph.D.; Erdem Topsakal, Ph.D.

Sponsor: U.S. Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate


Iron Meteorite Imaging System

Departments: Chemical and Life Science Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Team: Bazah Alhooli, Luis A. Beltran, Chris Davis-Smith, Jethrine H. Mugumya, Sean Newman,  Kyle Watson, Nathaniel J. Wygal

Advisers: Frank Gulla, M.S., P.E.; Gregory E. Triplett, Ph.D.; Bennett Ward, Ph.D.

Sponsors: Arizona State University, NASA, the Smithsonian Institution


Box Turtle Tracker

Department: Computer Science

Team: Amy Brick, Kari Chamberlain, Christine Reed

Adviser: Vojislav Kecman, Ph.D.

Sponsor: Box Turtle Sanctuary of Central Virginia



Department: Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Team: Jeffrey Johnson, Brodie Mangold, Marlon Padilla, Bryan Raqui, Enzo Rodrigo

Advisers: Braden Goddard, Ph.D. and Major Security Consulting & Design

Sponsor: VCU Brandcenter Associate Professor Scott Witthaus


Wireless Neonatal Vital Sign Monitor

Department: Biomedical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering

Team: Faris Alaggad, Trevor Dyke, Marida Khan, Nick Jarratt

Advisers: Sherif Abdelwahed, Ph.D.; Ding-Yu Fei, Ph.D.


Quick Release Rowing Assistive Grips

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Team: Mohammed Almutawa, Gifty Gracious-Ross, Alaysha Shearn, Jay Spangler

Adviser: Carrie Peterson, Ph.D.

Sponsor: Sportable


Dynamic Center-of-Gravity Display

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Team: Sammy Ezzeddine, John Foster, Michael Lewis

Adviser: Michael J. Cabral, Ph.D.

Sponsor: Cranemasters


Anthem Operation Dashboard

Department: Computer Science

Team: Brendan de Wet, Aplomb Huang, Jaman Tuhinur

Adviser: Robert Dahlberg, Ph.D.

Sponsor: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield