VCU researchers developing affordable, noninvasive treatment for RDS in newborns

Worth Longest and his team received a $3 million grant to create an aerosolized surfactant - a substance that lowers liquid surface tension - and a device to deliver it.

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Optical research illuminates a possible future for computing technology

Nathaniel Kinsey, Ph.D., seeks to understand the viability of building computer components using light instead of electrical signals.

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Virtual reality surgical simulator with haptic feedback helps surgeons hone their skills

VCU Engineering researchers collaborate with VCU Health to develop and commercialize new technology.

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Lukasz Kurgan, Ph.D., computer science professor, inducted into the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Kurgan's research aims to improve understanding of life at the molecular level using computer-based modeling.

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Albuterol shortage sparks VCU study on continuous manufacturing process

VCU Chemical and Life Science Engineering undergraduate Justin Turnage is amongst a team of students working alongside James Ferri, Ph.D., to identify a more efficient, cost-effective way to produce the common generic drug.

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Researchers seek to apply nanoparticle drug delivery to coral wound healing

Nastassja Lewinski, Ph.D., hopes newly-engineered technology can help aquatic industries support sustainability of coral ecosystems.

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Fueled by new National Cancer Institute grant, Priscilla Hwang, Ph.D., furthers study of cancer cell migration

Complimentary work that earned her a Faculty Early Development Award from the National Science Foundation, Hwang and her fellow researchers are examining cancer cell reactions that lead to metastasis.

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Representing medical advances and transdisciplinary research, 22 VCU researchers are inducted into National Academy of Inventors

“The unstoppable knowledge creation and the transformative innovation being carried out here is felt locally, nationally and globally,” said P. Srirama Rao, Ph.D., vice president for research and innovation.

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Two VCU faculty ranked among 2022’s top female scientists in nation and world

Sarah Spiegel and Barbara Boyan were recognized by for their groundbreaking research impact.

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Researchers fight cybercrime with new digital forensic tools and techniques

Irfan Ahmed, Ph.D., leads computer scientists working to protect nuclear plants, dams and other critical infrastructure.

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