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VCU Commercialization Fund awards support to four VCU Engineering innovators

VCU Engineering leads the university in the latest round of VCU Commercialization Fund awards, receiving four of the six awards given

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Bennett Ward, Ph.D., inducted into elite body of U.S. inventors

Bennett C. Ward, Ph.D., has invented the technologies behind a world of products including surgical devices, inkjet printers, at-home pregnancy tests and air fresheners

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VIDEO: Milos Manic, Ph.D., discusses cybersecurity threats — and ways to disable them

Sharon Bowes, anchor and producer of NewsPoint360, interviews Milos Manic, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, professor of computer science and director of VCU’s Cybersecurity Center.

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B. Frank Gupton, Ph.D., discusses a redesign of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Sharon Bowes, anchor and producer of NewsPoint360, interviews B. Frank Gupton, Ph.D., CEO of VCU Engineering’s Medicines for All Institute, co-founder of Phlow Corp. and the college’s Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. Chair in pharmaceutical engineering.

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Catching up with VCU Engineering’s first graduates: The Class of 2000

In these two interviews, class of 2000 alumni Mia Sanchez de Lozada, D.D.S., and Robbie Staples, PE, reflect on the earliest years of VCU Engineering

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Computer science professor named president-elect of IEEE society

The members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Industrial Electronics Society (IES) have elected Milos Manic, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, as its new president-elect effective Jan. 1, 2022. Manic was elected from a slate of five candidates spanning four continents.

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International workshop aims to counter nuclear proliferation finance in Africa

Mechanical and nuclear engineering assistant professor Braden Goddard, Ph.D., hosted an international workshop on countering finance activities for the illegal manufacture, acquisition or use of nuclear weapons. The program was presented in collaboration with VCU’s School of Business, and with support from the Argonne National Laboratory. It brought together scholars from the U.S., Angola, Mozambique and South Africa.

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Research right now

A glance at some of the latest research projects at VCU, including VCU Engineering projects to improve air quality, save coral populations and expand availability of a potential COVID drug.

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VCU’s Medicines for All Institute drives down production costs of molnupiravir, the first investigational pill to treat COVID-19

The Medicines for All Institute (M4ALL) in the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering has developed low-cost manufacturing processes for molnupiravir, the first investigational pill to treat COVID-19.

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In honor of Ada Lovelace Day...

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, we caught up with VCU Engineering’s female computer science faculty members to ask their advice for other women in computing.

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