DURI 2019

Fellow: Samuel Adu-Gyamfi
Mentor: Mingyao Mou
Lab: Mo Jiang, Ph.D.
Project: Protein Crystals -- What's Inside?

Adu GyamfiMou Image
Fellow: Kyla Bosh
Mentor: Michael Berger
Lab: Barbara D. Boyan, Ph.D.
Project: Examination of Additively Manufactured 3-Dimensional Constructs Possessing Complex Geometry
Kyla Bosh and Michael Berger Image
Fellow: Anthony Gonnella
Mentor: Joao Silva Soares, Ph.D.
Lab: Joao Silva Soares, Ph.D .
Project: Anatomically-Realistic Image-Based 3D-Printed Models of Congenital Heart Disease for Better Surgical Planning
Anthony Gonnella and Joao Silva Soares, Ph.D Image
Fellow: Tri Nguyen
Mentor: Lucas Olson
Lab: Michael McClure, Ph.D.
Project: The Effect of Advanced Glycation End-Products and Old Age on the Response of Satellite Cells to Extracellular Matrix
Tri Nguyen and Lucas Olson Image
Fellow: Yadunandan Pillai
Mentor: Carol Fung, Ph.D.
Lab: Carol Fung, Ph.D.
Project: An DDoS Defence Framework: Design and Implementation
Yadunandan Pillai and Carol Fung, Ph.D. Image
Fellow: Alec Reutter
Mentor: Thibault Roumengous 
Lab: Carrie Peterson, Ph.D.
Project: Reliability of a Low-Cost System for Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Alec Reutter and Thibault Roumengous Image
Fellow: Cindy Tho
Mentor: Franck Kamga
Lab: Rebecca L. Heise, Ph.D.
Project: Mechanical Stretch-Induced Cellular Senescence
Cindy Tho and Franck Kamga Image