DURI 2021


Neha Dil

Nicholas Rodriguez

Bridget McInnes, Ph.D.

Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition for Literature-based Discovery

Connor Lewis

Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D.

Ravi Hadimani, Ph.D.

Integration of Fiber Tracts in Anatomically Accurate Brain Models during Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

William Salter

Radhika Barua, Ph.D.

Radhika Barua, Ph.D.

Passive Thermal Management of rf Components Using Graphene-Based Phase Change Materials

Han Tran

Drew Scott

Thomas Roper, Ph.D.

Remote Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Training and Reactor Analysis

Nickolas Roberts

Joao Soares, Ph.D.

Joao Soares, Ph.D.

Augmented cardiac visualization and modeling for congenital heart disease surgical planning and training

Duilio Moreno

Michael Sofroniou

Christopher Lemmon, Ph.D.

Investigating the Role Of Autocrine TGF-β1 In the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Omar Bishop

Vaibhav Sharma

Radhika Barua, Ph.D.

Tuning the Magnetostructural Transition in the Metallic Antiferromagnet Fe3Ga4

Ioana Caloian

Mahmoud Moustafa

Christina Tang, Ph.D.

High Throughput Fabrication of Soy Protein-Based Nanofibers

Deanna Skrivanek

Ayoub Baaddi

Carrie Peterson, Ph.D.

Haptic Virtual Walking Combined with Non-invasive Brain Stimulation to Restore Touch Perception in Individuals with Discomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Corinne Leonard

Jessanne Lichtenberg

Priscilla Hwang, Ph.D.

Effect of Interstitial Fluid Flow on Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts and Extracellular Matrix in a Microfluidic Model of the Tumor Microenvironment

Raymond Hang

Johane Bracamonte

Joao Soares, Ph.D.

Enhancement of a semi-automatic pipeline for patient-specific 4D Flow MRI hemodynamic assessment as a tool for clinical practice at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond

Miles Popiela

Carol Fung, Ph.D.

Carol Fung, Ph.D.

User-Centric Privacy Controls for Smart Home Devices